A gently Bentley or a monstrous Merc?

To Berkeley Square’s luxurious Bentley car showroom for a drinks reception hosted by the Hiscox executive team.

Shortly after Robert Hiscox gave a first-hand account of his trials and tribulations with the press – he’s so far come out unscathed – hacks and art dealers alike were flying around the square in a vintage open-top Bentley Blower car.

However a couple of Hiscox motor executives were looking distinctly uneasy at the prospect of their chirpy chief executive, Bronek Masojada, facing a grilling over his own choice of wheels.

For although the likes of Steve Langham, Hiscox’s managing director, have considered buying the same swanky rides as the firm’s high net worth customers

(in order to “better understand the client”, of course), we hear Masojada has been knocking around in a 15-year-old L-reg Mercedes estate, which was his first company car.

Reports that Bronek leaves the machine unlocked everywhere he goes have not been confirmed.

But we do understand that Mrs Masojada does indeed drive a substantially better car.