Paul Vallance suffered a serious brain injury after a car crash in 2006

Gavel ban

A car crash victim has been awarded £4m compensation after an eight-year legal battle because he was ruled “too angry to work”.

Paul Vallance, now 27, was 18 when he was in a car crash where he received head injuries that make him prone to angry outbursts and so unable to work.

Vallance was involved in the head-on collision in April 2004 after a driver lost control and ploughed into his car in Wiltshire, but doctors did not realise the full extent of his injuries for years.

The former trainee manager physically recovered from a broken leg, shoulder and nose but also suffered from amnesia, lost the ability to speak and was confused.

The debilitating brain damage was dismissed as a ‘mild head injury’ and when he returned to work he lost a series of jobs because of his sudden bursts of anger with customers.

Vallance’s mother Tina Collins launched a legal battle and successfully proved he had suffered debilitating brain damage as a result of the crash.

The £4m compensation, paid by the other driver’s insurance firm, will pay for Vallance’s lifelong rehabilitation, care and support.

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