I write in response to your article, 'Carlisle victims slam insurers' (News, 8 December), as a contractor working in Carlisle for most of this year in what has been a difficult and traumatic time for home-owners as a result of the floods.

We took the decision to offer our services - not to make a quick buck, but to extend our services to the insurance industry and its customers as we are in the business of carrying out restoration of damaged properties wherever it occurs. This was our chance to prove to the industry that we were capable of doing this and providing an excellent service.

We also have many other excellent testimonials from other policyholders.

Speaking for the insurance, loss adjuster and building industry, there is always room for improvement and we learn from every disaster situation. This was one of the largest incidents in the UK in terms of the amount of property damaged in one place.

I believe most companies went to Carlisle to do their best in a very difficult environment, with the best interests of the home-owners as a priority.

We have had to deal with many different personalities, people in different levels of difficulty, some far worse than others, all of whom required understanding and a lot of personal attention.

David Rosenfeld
Redrose Property Services