Endurance could move into the casualty insurance market in its bid to increase its UK market share.

The Bermudan-backed insurer this week announced its UK regional broker network for its commercial property business.

It has secured a network of 10 major regional brokers, including Jelf, Perkins Slade, Miller and Oval Insurance Broking. Five more brokers could be added to the network, it said.

Last year, Insurance Times reported (News 29 June) that the company wanted to expand its UK market share via the regional broker channel.

Endurance does not plan to open new offices across the UK, but operate locally via the brokers.

Jon Houghton, head of UK individual risk property insurance, said: "We will stay focused on commercial property until we decide to do something else.

"We are considering broadening our product range and casualty and allied property are a key area in that regard."

He added: "This is not an insurer club but an arrangement that gives brokers direct access to experienced underwriters, who can trade and assume risk.

"Moreover, via our risk engineers we have exceptional risk manage- ment expertise, and can reward efficient risk man- agement with premium savings."