Manchester broker unveils new image

Manchester-based CBG Group has completed a major re-brand and unveiled a new image.

The company kicked-off the re-branding exercise in 2009 in a bid to shake up its corporate identity and has launced a new website and overhauled all corporate branding across each of its divisions.

Stuart Turnbull, marketing manager of CBG, said: “The transformation of our corporate identity shouts volumes about the unique culture and brand values that underpin our company.

“We’ve vastly expanded our insurance broking and financial services operations since we launched in 2001. In business terms, we want to move up a gear. As such, we need our brand and marketing activity to take us to the next level and reflect CBG’s position as a key player in a highly competitive market. As a company, we’ve been a quiet achiever. Now, we want to shout about our successes a little more loudly!”

Jon Walker, project manager, at Ultimate Creative Communications - which carried out the rebrand - added: “CBG is passionate, motivated and committed to achieving the very best for its clients through strong and trusted relationships.

“The rebrand allows us to portray CBG as a professional, experienced and knowledgeable organisation. The project had the ultimate goal of engaging clients from the moment they logged onto the website or received a piece of promotional literature.

"This is achieved by bold and stylish creative design, as well a radical new tone of voice that has fewer dry facts and is much more personal in terms of engagement – like a true conversation between friends. The new corporate communication style will enable new and existing clients to get an immediate feel for who CBG really is.”