An intelligent agent that trawls websites gathering quotes from sites selling personal lines insurance has been launched by software developers Destiny.

Netpremium automatically inputs risk details at the same pace as a customer would to extract premiums for either a single risk or a batch of risks.

Once the quotes have been collected, they are delivered in statistical format to clients, insurers, brokers and other providers, to use in their research.

A number of statistical reports are available, including an analysis of the ranking for each product, which shows the difference of each product from the average risk premium and the best risk premium.

A risk-by-risk summary giving the highest, lowest and average premium and the percentage of online insurers prepared to provide a quote is also available.

The system is available for motor insurance and Destiny plans to extend the offering to other personal lines.

There are plans to extend the service to other online markets and then to offer private customers a "cheapest from the web" option.