1. Did Charlie Whelan not disclose at quotation/inception the status of their relationship, ownership of vehicle etc. (Opinion, 4 April, IT)

2. Did they not read the statement of facts sent with the policy.

I can only assume from his article that the fault lay entirely with the AA and that, of course, he and his partner/common law spouse answered all the questions correctly. Of course everybody knows he has been with her for 20 years and that they have a joint bank account and mortgage .

Insurance companies and brokers can cope. What he was subjected to was, as far as I can tell, the correct way forward when one is confronted with a non- or incorrect disclosure. I would like to think most other brokers would agree.

His article did not deserve a place in Insurance Times, unless it was to make us laugh at the way the general public are treated so unfairly in life. May I suggest when he does move all his insurances elsewhere, he checks all the information he gives to the new broker and reads his policy books to assess he has the cover he requires before making a claim.

David Sutton
Douglas Insurance