Backchat would like to extend many happy returns to our pal Mark Bishop from
the Cornhill press office, who turns 40 on July 1.

Cornhill insiders say Mark has been dreading the day he reaches the big 40, and lamenting his reduced capacity for lager drinking.

According to Cornhill's in-house magazine, Mark has been favourably compared to carrot-topped TV celebrity Chris Evans. However, some jokers say the resemblance is purely physical, as: a) he's not married to a nubile young popstar half his age and; b) he is (regrettably) not worth £70m.

Mark is said to be planning a party to celebrate, but the music he has chosen – Chilled Ibiza and the Chill- out Zone – is rumoured to be a little more pipe and slippers than drum and bass.

Happy birthday Mark.