Majority of members endorse online exams

A survey by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) has confirmed that the majority of its membership have endorsed the online examination service as an improvement on the previous paper system.

CII deputy director general Bob Bullivant said: "This a great vote of confidence for the CII. Nearly 90% of candidates have said that online exams are a great improvement on the previous paper based exams, and an expanding network has gone hand in hand with this.

"There are now more than 40 online exams centres in 24 locations open, over 60 online testing centres have been established by companies within their own organisations and we are now also rolling out mobile centres."

The new online exams service was launched by the CII in October 2006 and the development work was completed ahead of schedule with advanced sessions taking place in November and December.

CII candidates are now able to enter for an exam at a date that is convenient to their individual study programme, rather than be restricted to sitting the exam at one of the current quarterly sessions.

The CII also offered companies a ground-breaking opportunity whereby online testing centres can be created within their own organisations, and this has given these companies the flexibility to schedule exams as an integral part of their in-house training programme.