Association seeks better methods of delivering broker training

Biba's face-to-face training for its members could in future be carried out by the CII. Talks have begun between the two associations about CII delivering the training, but remaining under the Biba brand.

Outgoing Biba chief executive Mike Williams, who leaves the post this week after eight years to join Total Broker Solutions (TBS), said: "We are talking to a number of groups, and the CII is one of them, concerning how best we deliver our training.

"It is part of an overall review because we have been very good in London and surrounding areas, but in the regions, the quality of the training has been patchy."

He said that he review would assess the whole approach of its training towards members which could be more "aesthetic".

"A standard day of training could cost the average member between £120 and £140. We want to evaluate how we can add more disciplines and improve the delivery, but keep the costs down."

CII director general Dr Sandy Scott confirmed the two parties were in talks. "We are negotiating with Biba at the moment about delivering its training.

"It seems the natural progression after the success of BrokerASSESS which was launched earlier this year in association with Biba.

"Both ourselves and Biba are very keen to extend the CII remit to brokers and work more closely together."

At next week's conference the CII will announce its decision to offer examinations co-badged with Cila.