Faculties to focus on broking, underwriting, claims and risk management

Brokers, underwriters, and loss adjusters welcomed the announcement that the CII is to be turned into a "university facultative-type structure".

The new structure will consist of four faculties focusing on broking, underwriting, claims and risk management.

It follows calls from brokers to change the status of people working in insurance.

Speaking at a young broker seminar during last week's Biba conference in Bournemouth, one broker said:

"It's time to change insurance from a industry into a profession."

A CII spokesman said: "The facultative structure will help raise standards in the different segments of the market.

"We're aiming to make the CII more relevant to its members.

"The insurance industry is very diverse and so we're aiming to segment our website as well as our journal. We're also hoping to introduce technical bulletins for each segment of the insurance market."

Cila welcomed the prospect of the new CII faculties as well as the introduction of widely recognised qualifications for people working in claims.

"It's a sensible move. We're already moving closer to the CII with our SCT [Society of Claims Technicians] exam," said Cila president Michael Burnett.

  • AXA graduate trainees may soon be learning what life is like from the other side of the fence. In a bid to understand how brokers work, the insurer has launched a pilot scheme for new recruits to spend a period of time at a brokerage.
  • An AXA spokeswoman said: "At the moment the scheme is being put through a feasibility study."