The CII has increased its turnover by over 50% in three years and hopes to achieve its membership target of 70,000 by the end of 2005.

CII director general Dr Sandy Scott said: "For 2003, turnover was £22.5m. Officially our membership target is 68,000, but I should think we can get 70,000 over the coming year."

Of this £22.5m figure, around 80% is derived from the CII's education programme and 20% from membership fees.

But Scott said turnover would have to rise realistically to £30m to ensure the best service was provided to the industry and consumers.

"With the plans we have to introduce better training for the industry; develop examinations and learning materials for schools; expand the new faculties within the CII; and maintain high standards for degree and masters examinations, we need to get close to that figure," he said.

At the CII conference this week, delegates will be able to vote online on what they think the next three-year plan should focus on. Scott said the forecast of "2%-3%" growth for the coming three years was achievable.

He added that he hoped delegates would question the FSA on the Financial Services Markets Act (FSMA) which is due for its two year review.

He said: "We should get a chance to ask the FSA's John Tiner what is now going to change and whether the Act has achieved its statutory objectives."