Consultancy firms warns that some insurers will struggle to hit new response times

Target harlosh, the general insurance solutions provider, today predicts that the Ministry of Justice’s decision to require insurers to respond on liability within 15 days will prompt insurers to review processes and systems to deal with this reduced time span.

Kathy Duggan, business consultant at Target harlosh, said: “The decision to reduce response times on liability for personal injury claims – which will likely come into force in 2009, presents a real challenge for the industry.

“Some insurers do not currently have the processes and systems in place to deal with the technical challenge of liaising with all the parties involved in a claim application within this kind of timescale – so a review of capabilities will be required.

Duggan added: “The challenge is far from insurmountable – in many instances, the biggest changes will be in terms of ways of working rather than throwing budget at shiny new bits of technology – but it’s something that insurers really need to start thinking about now to ensure they’re adequately prepared for the changes when they come into force.”