Many users are unsure of the regulation surrounding the use of drones


Insurance claims for damage or personal injury caused by drone use looks set to rise after calls to the police about the unmanned vehicles has risen 2,000% in the last three years.

Figures, obtained by a Freedom of Information request by Sky News, found that 461 calls were made to police about drone nuisance in 2015, compared to only 19 calls in 2013.

Popularity in drones has risen in recent years, with the utility vehicles available on the high street at affordable prices.

Earlier this year, an 18-month-old toddler from Worcestershire lost his eye after a man lost control of his drone in a park.

The toddler was left needed a number of operations, but any personal injury claims would have been covered by the user’s home insurance policy because the drone was considered a toy.

While the unmanned aerial vehicles have considerable risk attached, some in the industry are using them to good.

Cunningham Lindsey used drone to assess the damage of Storm Desmond earlier this month, filming areas of Cumbria that they weren’t able to reach by foot.