In an event hailed as the biggest white collar boxing event in the City, last year's champion sets out to keep his crown. Verity Adams reports

Deutsche Bank's Alex 'Hellraiser' Ells and Guardian Insurance's John 'The Hammer' Jones are set to face off in what has been hailed as the biggest white collar boxing match ever staged in the City.

The Hard Market grudge match welcomes a number of other industry players, who will also be battling it out at the NSPCC charity event at the Honourable Artillery Company, EC1, on 23 November.

Undefeated light heavyweight champ Ells won his crown last year against AIG's Ben Cubitt in a brutal encounter that was stopped in the fourth round. But 'The Hammer' is set to keep Ells on his toes in a bid to swipe his title later this month.

Jones, an insurance recruitment specialist at Guardian Insurance Appointments, said: "My bout with Alex Ells is top of the bill. He is strong, physically fit and the reigning champion.

"I was quite experienced and accomplished 12 years ago so if I'm in good shape I might be able to give him a run for his money. In boxing anything can happen. That's what makes it such a great spectacle."

Jones, who likens himself to any punch drunk boxer on an intellectual level for "agreeing to do this in the first place", won a junior ABA title at 15 and was selected for Young England.

Ells sees himself more as a Terry Downs. "He doesn't have a lot of skill, but gets the job done," said Ells.

He added it will be a tough fight which will go the distance and create a fantastic atmosphere on the night.

Ben 'Killer' Cubitt is out to redeem himself, after he was defeated by Ells at last year's event, as he slogs it out with Andrew 'Never Misses' Simpson.

Cityboxer group chief executive Mark Burford, aka 'TheBurf', describes the event as "definitely the most exciting event in the London and general insurance calendar". IT

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