Insurance companies, brokers and intermediaries seeking to ensure their internet operations are hacker-proof can now benefit from a new website benchmarking system. offers a free self-assessment service to ensure websites' trading status, privacy, security, social responsibility, complaints and remedial action procedures are all up to scratch.

The site uses the standards set by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Once users have completed the self-assessment form, Clicksure can award a certificate (this costs money and is optional).

There are now 300 companies completing the self assessment forms, including Australian insurer AMP.

On-line auction site QXL was one of the first on-line operations to receive a Clicksure certificate.

One of Clicksure's founder's, Christopher Upton, is talking to three insurers – two American, one European – to use the site as a risk-management tool to reduce on-line risks.