Manchester law firm Donns has launched a website that allows its clients to track their cases and see solicitors' documents and letters online.

Each client is given a log-in name and password, and can access case notes, a case timetable and copies of all letters sent by the solicitors. Scanned in copies of received mail will be added to the site within the next few months.

The firm has also put up frequently asked questions with the answers specific to each case, for example whether liability has been admitted, or whether or not the client will be expected to attend a court hearing.

And the client can ask further questions with the answers posted soon after. The company reckons it will cut its telephone enquiries in half with the new system.

In addition, the firm will give brokers passwords, so they can see the detail and check the progress of cases concerning their clients. “A lot of our schemes are with brokers, so the brokers can monitor the claims. It means our own staff are being audited all the time without even knowing it,” said senior partner Raymond Donn. Colonnade and Bennetts are two major broker clients.

The internet system was designed by an in-house team and links straight into the firm's Axia claims management system. Letters written by staff are automatically filed onto the password-protected website.

The firm currently issues a password the day after receiving details of the claim, but plans to issue it immediately, allowing callers to access their details immediately. The information keyed in by call centre staff will appear on the website instantly.

The firm handles more than 30,000 claims a year, mainly in road traffic uninsured loss recovery and personal injury for brokers, motor insurers and legal expenses providers. It has 260 staff but plans to expand by as many as 60 new employees.