I write in respect of your front-page article, 'Auto-lapsing puts brokers at risk' (News, 8 December).

One of the serious points I'd like to comment upon is the fact that there is not enough publicity given to this subject, apart from what crops up in trade magazines.

Joe Public does not know (neither really wants to understand!) the implications of "no days of grace".

In the past, we have chased clients up to perhaps a month after renewal date. Now we have one full-time person employed ringing the clients up to take instructions on renewal (or worse still - the fact that they wish to take up the alternative quote!).

Their attitude is not one of thanks, but "what are you pressurising me for?".

We now have printed on our renewal notices to the client in bold: "Please contact us prior to renewal date, as there are no days of grace."

My point is: where does it say in terms that jump out at you from the insurers' notices?

Duncan Macbeth
Macbeth Scott & Co