Group wants more insurers doing more to tackle climate change

Insurer pressure group ClimateWise has set itself the new 12-month objectives after presenting its views to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Poznan, Poland, this week.

The group, currently with 42 insurer members, has three key aims to increase its size and influence:

  • grow the member base
  • actively publicise members' activities
  • participate in the public policy debate

It also set out three ways to turn words into actions by increasing its members' delivery against ClimateWise principles

  • actively share expertise and good practice
  • incorporate learning from other initiatives
  • encourage more specific reporting

Andrew Torrance, ClimateWise chairman, said: "These objectives reflect ClimateWise's learning over the past year and ambition for the one to come. Our first annual review of members' reports has given focus to the need to increase members' delivery on the ClimateWise principles. Meanwhile, our experience in delivering the initiative's first policy statement to the UN has shown how valuable and well-received our voice is in the policy arena. I look forward to working with colleagues old and new on this vital work."

The UN conference closes on Friday.