Hopefully, technology will play a vital part in the process of improving claims and bringing both sides closer together said David Williams claims director from AXA Insurance.

He was open and honest about Axa’s own technological developments.

“Why do we, AXA, have a bodily injury estimating tool? Well, being completely and absolutely transparent and honest, we were so bad at getting the right estimates on things that our shareholders in Paris would not have trusted us if we did not have some form of mechanical intervention.

“That is the main reason why we moved from not having a bodily injury estimating tool to having one.”

What do these tools aim to do? “They just try and bring in much greater consistency across the piece.

“If injuries are essentially the same, then when you are looking at general damages, surely the damages should be essentially the same. So what they do is they bring that consistency.”

On rehabilitation he said: “I think rehab, used appropriately, does pay. This leads me to try to convince you that the following is a reasonable approach to rehabilitation, using technology.

“I am not saying that I think there is any problem with the traditional, personal, hands on approach to rehab. We need to get out, which means we need to be offering rehab on cases where maybe the financial benefits do not appear to be immediately obvious.

“And there are some people that frankly do not want to take time out of their diaries to go along and attend appointments and things like that.”

Care and compensation without the delays that is what we have always wanted, said Williams. “Across the industry we are all really after the same thing.

“What we want is care and compensation without the delays and pain relief for our customers which is facilitated by the right technology.”