Mr Barnett seems a little upset that I should rightly describe CPD logs as "politically correct nonsense". He then goes on to infer from this, quite illogically, that I might also think that the exams should be "done away with".

The only possible connection he could have in mind between exams and a CPD log is that they are in some obscure way equivalent - the same kind of animal. They are not.

I passed the CII exams in the usual way - I sat numerous papers under strict conditions - these papers were taken away and marked independently and I thus earned my qualification. The CPD log on the other hand is a worthless construct designed solely as a rule, rather than to satisfy any useful purpose.

Using the same logic as Mr Barnett, perhaps he thinks that CII qualifications should be awarded based upon what an applicant has said that he has done, what he has written down in a book he has done, what he has wasted a few more precious hours of his life conjuring out of his imagination that he has done.

Do I get any CPD for this by the way?

Douglas McLeod
Field House

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