I feel compelled to write to Insurance Times and bring to light an insurance claim matter that, after 20 months, shows no signs of ever being resolved by Hastings Direct, the company dealing with my claim.

The saga began in June 2004 when my immaculate 1956 VW Beetle was hit by a car driven by a Hastings Direct client. Despite extensive damage, the car was not written off because of its historic interest, and it was sent to a specialist repair centre.

In February 2005, Hastings Direct paid the repair centre in full before the job was complete. The car was never finished properly and was eventually returned to me with a false MOT certificate and in an unsafe condition (handbrake seized, horn and lights not working and dodgy brakes - all of which were operating when it went into the garage).

I have been left with a classic car that is now worth half its original value, and I'm told it is my responsibility to take the repair centre to court to reclaim costs for shoddy workmanship so that I can restore the car. What can I do next?

Name and address withheld