Broker Commercial Vehicle Direct (CVD) is poised to make a raft of acquisitions in the commercial sector.

The company, which specialises in van and small business cover, said it foresees a number of acquisitive venture capitalists pulling out of the market as rates become less attractive.

CVD has a large loan facility with Royal Bank of Scotland, which it intends to use to make a string of acquisitions in the near future.

CVD chief executive Aaron Banks said: "Over the course of the next year I can envisage a number of big venture capitalists selling off their broker interest as the market softens.

"Many investors have spent tens of millions of pounds for short-term returns and will hold on to their interests for three-year periods.

He added: "As the underlying profitability of the market falters and rates fall, a number of venture capitalists will be looking to get out, and we will be waiting."

CVD, which was founded four years ago, is part of the Group Direct stable of brokers that includes Motor & Home Direct and e-Bike insurance.