Sterling has teamed up with Debrett’s to launch a new high net worth insurance service

Debrett’s Prestige Insurance will provide comprehensive buildings and contents cover for those requiring contents cover of more than £75,000 or buildings cover of over £1m.

Debrett’s, which is nearly 250 year old, publishes a range of guides to top people and etiquette and manners, including its famous guide to the peerage.

Customers with more complex risk management requirements will be able to use the Prestige Broker service with their own portfolio risk manager.

A Debrett’s spokesman said: “Recognising and working with the UK’s people of distinction and achievement is an integral part of the company’s heritage, and has given Debrett’s unique insight into the needs of these remarkable people.

"The company has used this expertise to search out and develop the ultimate insurance offering for affluent homeowners, keeping the needs of its customers at front of mind.”