Frustrated insurers and brokers are concerned that legislation enshrining the fourth EU Motor Insurance Directive has still not been published. The directive comes into force on 20 January 2003 and compels all policyholder details to be listed on the Motor Insurance Database.

Norwich Union motor fleet product manager Mark Keavney said the insurer was doing the best it could under the circumstances.

"Our concern is that the legislation is still not out and this has made our lives very difficult," he said.

"We've had to guess what the legislation looks like."

A regional broker said the administrative burden was "enormous".

He said: "Until we know the timescale, we can't do anything."

The broker also voiced concern for small motor traders, who might not have internet access, as all the information must be inputted into insurer websites and then into the database.

Keavney said companies had been set up to deal with this situation and NU had created a help line to field any questions or concerns.

"Most people are aware and understand what they have to do," he said.