A Brighton broker chum of Backchat had an interesting conversation when after a hard day's work, he rang the direct arm of a household-name insurer after receiving its unsolicited mailshot.

To amuse himself he asked a series of questions, to which he obviously knew the answers, such as: “Does this household policy cover everything?” The insurer's representative answered that it did indeed cover all risks.

Knowing the direct writer's policy wording he knew this could not be the case, so he probed further: “Would it cover a bike stolen while left unlocked outside the local shops? “Yes”, answered the rep, “all risks are covered”.

“And would it cover my recent loft conversion,” the broker enquired. “Yes” came the reply.

Deciding to call the rep's bluff, he told him that neither case was true.

The broker was astonished to hear the rep reply: “I wish I knew about your loft conversion sooner. In my day job I'm a carpenter, and do this telesales job in my spare evenings.”