In Mike Williams' article: "Don't be zapped into selling up", (Features, 29 March) the following paragraph was highlighted: "Online quotes are inaccurate and nearly always underestimate the cost simply because insurance is a complicated business with many variables."

I certainly agree that insurance can be complicated with many variables, but I would be interested to see Mr Williams' evidence for the inaccuracy of online quotes.

Where a business does fit a "pigeon hole" for a particular insurer, an online quotation should be fully accurate.

For commercial insurance in particular, the problem lies in the fact that few businesses properly fit such pigeon holes, and thus need a proper broker to source a relevant quotation.

The online quotation is, however, accurate, as it will no doubt require the user's confirmation that certain assumptions are correct. This will always be a problem area where large companies are trying to sell large volumes over the internet.

The way forward is for insurers/product providers to make their products available to all brokers (and not direct customers) online, as a certain amount of insurance knowledge can then be assumed to be available to the user.

Don't knock online quotes for the sake of it – many of them are quite good. You just have to be aware of the limitations. A bit harsh to say they are inaccurate.

Paul D Griffith, Director, GB Underwriting