Price comparison site to offer travel insurance

Travel insurer, Drakefield Insurance Services, has launched a new aggregator site,

The new site is a comparison website that allows consumers to choose the best travel insurance policy for their individual needs from a number of selected insurance brands. The site allows consumers to search and choose a policy by price or by cover options.

It also has the advantage of a flexible cover and price comparison facility both online and uniquely through call centre support.

Christian Young, chief executive of Drakefield, said: “We are well aware that travel insurance is a ‘grudge buy’ for most people, one that’s often done at the last minute. However we believe that by giving them the chance to view multiple policies at any one time to compare cover and price, the process can be expedited and simplified.

“After a number of high-profile travel firms collapsing in the past 12 months, constant strike threats and last summer’s luggage chaos people are starting to realise that their travel insurance is there for far more than just a lost camera.”