Millions of motorists would risk driving without insurance if Chancellor Gordon Brown introduced a price hike in car related taxes in this month's Budget, finds a new survey.

Opinion pollsters Gallup, on behalf of insurance specialist Longford Insurance Schemes, found that as many as 1.6 million people are prepared to drive without cover, while a further 250,000 would

consider dodging their premiums if car taxes


The survey also revealed that one third of people are dissatisfied with travelling on public transport. That figured soared to 78% when asked about using public transport when in poor health.

Longford Insurance Schemes director John Bull said: "There are 26 million motorists in the UK, and if 6% of people are driving without insurance and risking their lives because of increased taxes, then this sends out a clear message to Government.

"Longford Insurance Schemes condemns irresponsible behaviour, but clearly motorists have had enough of being penalised – and they can't always rely on public transport as a viable alternative to meet their needs."

Longford provides a specialist scheme called Chauffeurplan which pays for cab fares and chauffeur hires when motorists are unable to drive their cars.