Washington DC based company dotRisk have launched a new web site providing key players in the insurance and claims industries cost-effective e-solutions for the insurance marketplace.

The site comprises three complementary platforms: ResolveRisk, ResolveClaims and TheClaimsExchange.

ResolveRisk provides users with principal to principal transactions at a fraction of the cost of the more traditional systems.

This platform offers users a faster and more efficient way to buy and sell insurance.

ResolveClaims is the first internet-based service facility where business insurers, reinsurers and policyholders can review and resolve claims. Business insurance claims can be submitted, processed and resolved 24 hours a day.

This process significantly reduces transactions costs, as data can be reviewed by all players on their own PCs, including specialists and mediators.

TheClaimsExchange offers users a highly accessible trading floor for the purchase and sale of virtually any type of claim.

Security is paramount on the web site. All information on dotRisk is protected by firewalls, digital certificates and frequent security audits.