Firms are rushing to add a lower case 'e' to the front of their names, to e-enable, to e-engineer, to e-everything. There is a common philosophy that you either 'e' or you die. The last to 'e' will be too late. And so on.

The reality is very different. Sure, those who do nothing will disappear but so will many who embrace it too fast. How many people remember Betamax videos, Rabbit phones and the Sinclair C5 – all of them technologies that came and went in moments?

Brokers now face similar choices. They all complain about their quote and back-office systems and they all desperately want something faster, easier and more flexible.

So should they switch providers, try one of the other established firms, sign up with a new player, or switch to an internet-based system? And if they choose the internet, which of the plethora of systems will be best?

This week brokers will be even more confused. A new market player announces an internet system with a series of rave reviews from insurers. Some of those insurers then turn out a few days later to say they will, in three or four years time, only deal with a rival.

Brokers about to spend money on new system need more clarity than that. And insurers owe it to them.