I am one of the many brokers using the FSA's electronic application process - and I am also one of the apparently growing number of brokers who are experiencing problems with it.

I have had difficulties with my activation code - it didn't work - and I am now having problems entering company data, as the system won't accept my company registration number.

Last week, I rang the FSA helpline and, while it recognises that there is a problem, no solution seems to be forthcoming. The problems of using the electronic application form have been well documented in this magazine over the past few weeks. But why doesn't the FSA do something to rectify the problem?

Insurance broking is my livelihood, as it is for thousands of others, and I do not want that to disappear because of the regulator's faulty IT.

The FSA has been charged with regulating the general insurance sector. Why can't it get it right? Continued glitches with the application process do nothing to raise my confidence in the regulatory regime. It smacks of a regulator that has failed to address the fine detail.

Name and address withheld