Insurex Expo-Sure is designed to ensure Bonfire Night is a blast for big kids everywhere.

Expo-Sure covers organisers of bonfire events against cancellation or abandonment, adverse weather conditions and public liability. Expo-Sure can also include a "remedial action" clause to cover against costs incurred in saving an event if something does go wrong, such as the hire of a new generator if the original one breaks down.

A typical premium for an event attended by up to 250 people is £157.

Insurex Expo-Sure deputy managing director Terry Waller said it was sensible for organisers to plan against anything that may ruin the fifth of November fun.

"A potentially electric Bonfire Night can turn into a damp squib if bad weather forces the event to be called off or reduces attendance," said Waller.

"Also, bonfires and fireworks can be dangerous if not handled properly."

  • Weather Direct uses meteorological records from the past 30 years to calculate its premiums for Bonfire Night cover.

    Manager Russell Collier said records showed it had rained across the UK on November 5 for the past six years and was likely to do so this year. He said high winds could also ruin Bonfire Night.

    Weather Direct, a specialist event insurer, offers cover against bad weather and public liability of up to £1m for events attended by 500 people or fewer for a premium of £135.

    It can also cover abandonment, cancellation and reduced attendance, plus risks on equipment, legal liabilities and money insurance.

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