Utley adds two books of business to bolster 60-broker firm

Equity Insurance chief executive Neil Utley is looking to bolster his booming broker business by buying 15 businesses this year.

This follows two recent acquisitions: Hampshire-based Roy E Sansom's general insurance book of business and Isle of Wight-based Tudor Wight Insurance Consultants.

Tudor Wight Insurance Consultants boosts Equity's customer base providing motor and household insurance as well as commercial while Roy E Sansom has developed a growing personal lines and commercial account.

"We now have over 60 brokers and we want a further 15 this year. We are looking at long term drivers and long term relationships," said Utley.

Acquisitions will be influenced by regional status and accompanying the existing branches of JMW in Northern Ireland, Insureshop in the Midlands and Bennetts in the south, M4 corridor and the Isle of Wight.

"We are looking at acquisitions that fit into these areas but if a deal came up with a number of already established branches elsewhere that can sustain itself we would be very interested," said Utley.

Equity is currently the UK's eighth largest personal lines broker with 50% growth since 2000.