The Biba/IIB merger will form one determined voice to lobby government and regulators

Eric Galbraith

Like tomorrow, it has been the conventional wisdom that a Biba and IIB merger never comes: after long discussions, we are happy to dispel that belief. Biba and the IIB are finally merging.
For most brokers, the merger probably is not at the top of their agenda, given all the other business and regulatory issues they face. The key point is that having one determined voice will be of huge benefit as we lobby government and regulators. Both brands will remain throughout the transition and members with dual membership will see cost savings.
The combined organisation will represent all sectors of the broking channel from small to large, with four IIB directors joining Biba’s board and a group focusing on small brokers established to supplement Biba’s existing support. Rest assured that we will jointly continue to campaign on all the important issues affecting members, ensuring that all their tomorrows are taken care of.
Eric Galbraith is chief executive of Biba