Information giant Experian has turned up the heat in the broker software market by launching e-series insurance, new internet-based systems for brokers and insurers.

The e-series is a web-enabled version of Experian's numerous information systems.

The crucial difference, however, is that it includes a new back office system for brokers and intermediaries.

Experian has been developing the back office application for two years.

The package will be marketed by Insurance Mall, a new software house headed up by ex-Penta men Dave Bard and Kevin Smith.

Experian's director of insurance services Sue Hall said: "e-series insurance brings together Experian's information and applications to deliver a real-time comparative quotation system for insurers."

e-series comprises Experian's core services. These include:

  • A Polaris-based system for providing comparative quotation facilities;
  • Claims underwriting exchange to help insurers check claims;
  • Perils databases to provide information on the likelihood of flood, theft, burglary and windstorm damage;
  • Car data check to provide information on vehicle identity, colour changes, high risk cars, hire cars, scrapped cars;
  • Geo-demographic classification system Mosaic.

    Until now, Experian's penetration of the UK general insurance software market has been hindered because it does not sell a back office for brokers and intermediaries.

    The company hopes this will change with the launch of the new application, which features a back office.

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