Your comments on stories appearing in Insurance Times and on the website over the past seven days

Worth of networks

Mike – what are you talking about (Comment, 27 September)?

Networks are there to help brokers protect their regional presence.  

We welcome members which have no intention of selling their businesses.

By joining our membership organisation, brokers can avail themselves of all the benefits of being a part of one of the biggest distributors in the UK, while ensuring that their independence remains fully intact.

To suggest that networks which also offer their customers a retirement option may have an underhand or ulterior motive, is somewhat bizarre!  

If I were feeling uncharitable, I might suggest that Mr Williams was charting this course in order to detract from the fact that UKGI fails to offer such an option to its customers...

Grant Elli, chief executive, Broker Network Group

Aggregator danger

The Resolution Foundation research into price comparison websites that was released on 11 October clearly shows that aggregator sites are a dangerous tool, providing consumers with little more information than a comparison of price when they are choosing an insurance policy.

No price comparison can be made without due regard for the policy terms and conditions, and I agree that comparison websites are misleading consumers on general insurance.

It is irresponsible of the Resolution Foundation to suggest that comparison sites play an important role in helping consumers make informed financial decisions – and then state that there are weaknesses in the failure to explain technical terms, abbreviations and financial jargon.

This is a major weakness which stops consumers from making an informed decision. This is not treating customers fairly.

As comparison websites are being promoted as a form of intermediary, Biba has raised its concerns with the FSA and has met the ABI to discuss the best way forward.

Eric Galbraith. chief executive, Biba

MID check is a triumph

I feel that Motor Insurers’ Bureau/Motor Insurers’ Information Centre should receive a well-deserved pat on the back for the introduction of

It enables drivers to access the motor insurance database (MID) to check whether their vehicle has been added.

This should go a long way towards avoiding some of the misunderstandings and embarrassing situations we have seen recently due to some police forces adopting a heavy-handed approach to motorists.

In order to make the most of this innovation, it is important that the MIB does not hide its light under a bushel, but rather shouts the message from the rooftops!

While a television campaign might be a bit extravagant, there are several other methods which would bring askmid into every home and office, such as advertising in post offices, vehicle licensing offices and job centres. And using flyers or messages to accompany vehicle registration and MOT material, or inserts in motoring and trade magazines.

Brokers and insurers should include information with policy and renewal documents, and insurers should print a message on RTA certificates and cover notes.

These are all ways where askmid can be brought to the attention of motorists generally.

Removing some of the mystique surrounding the MID and making it more customer friendly is certain to bring forward the day when the MID will take over from certificates as evidence of compulsory cover.

Roy Rodger, Insurance Training & Consultancy