I quote John Jackson: "When I became self-employed one of my first acts was to obtain life assurance as I was no longer protected by a company scheme." (Top 50 UK Brokers).

You were extremely fortunate John, that you remained in good health during the period of company protection, had you sought advice during that period you might have seen the sense in buying your own life assurance just in case.

But as you seem to have a knowledge of all things including bored Tupperware housewives and Ann Summers underwear, not to mention bookmakers and double glazing pests, I'm not at all surprised that you didn't have the time or inclination to seek a professional's advice from a professional , whether he or she asked for a fee or worked on commission would not have mattered had your family benefited from the life assurance bought. You fail to accept, John, that people have a choice, and they can choose to pay a fee or not.

If you look at the Top 50 brokers you will see that every one of their incomes is derived from both commission and fees. I wouldn't argue with that, would you?

Lee Birch
City & Suburban Health

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