Noel Meigh, former owner of sports underwriting agency Galaxy 7, has handed over the baton to new business partner IGI Group, after providing cover to generations of sports enthusiasts.

Meigh – in his mid-70s – has stepped down after offering comprehensive coverage to amateur rugby, cricket and football players for almost 50 years. He will , however, stay on as a consultant to IGI.

Among the niche football products he provided were personal injury projection for players locked in serious tackles and third party liability cover for referees if their decision to halt a match was challenged for any reason.

Meigh chose Nottingham-based IGI to take-over his business including its ties with 30 brokers, because of what he termed its "progressive approach."

Andrew Briant, IGI's managing director, said its acquisition of Galaxy would enable it to extend its spread into sports insurance.

He said: "We are already an important operation in amateur sports insurance but this purchase will really see the field open up for us."