Thank you for all those entries to the crazy claims competition. Here is our winner, submitted by Nigel Godden, Coversure Insurance, Brighton.

Many years ago Godden had a customer who claimed the loss of £10k of jewellery. The customer had just had a marital bust up and decided to go and stay with his brother. Before departing, however, he took all the jewellery with him to "teach his wife a lesson". On the way to his brother's house he stopped off at his favourite kebab shop. Sensibly he took the jewellery into the shop.

On the way back to the car, he had the jewellery in one hand and the kebab in the other. With no available hands to open the door, and being more concerned about his kebab than the £10k of jewellery, he put the jewellery on the roof of the car. And drove off.

While driving, he realised the jewellery was still on the roof of the car. He came to a sudden halt, and got out of the car to find the jewellery had gone.

The insurers in question did not pay out under "reasonable precautions" as he seemed more concerned about the £2.75 kebab rather than the £10k jewellery.