Former Halifax Bank of Scotland (HBOS) General Insurance head of claims Jim Pittman has rejoined the firm to head up its medical reporting arm Micrah Services.

Pittman, who left HBOS in April 2004, spent 14 months as chief executive for legal expenses finance specialist Devonshire Capital. Pittman, who will take up his new role in November, said a replacement had not yet been appointed.

Pittman said HBOS wanted to grow the business, acquire companies within the market, to push the rehabilitation agenda and to become a "consumer champion".

"If we can grow by another 15% - 20% we can be number one in the medico-legal market," said Pittman.

He said the company wanted to get involved with the Claims Standards Council and its efforts to regulate the claims market.

HBOS acquired Micrah in September 2004. Current Micrah Services head John Goodchild has been transferred to HBOS's sales and affinity division.

Devonshire Capital funds premiums for Gibraltar-based Redsands Insurance, which specialises in legal expenses cover.