Fortis shareholders approve name change

Fortis shareholders have given the green light for the Fortis group to adopt the new name “Ageas”.

During Fortis’ AGMs held in Brussels and Utrecht this week, shareholders approved the name change with overwhelming support – 97% and 99% approval respectively. Shareholders were also presented with the proposed new logo.

Fortis said the rebrand reflects its status as a stand alone international insurance group, following the disposal of its banking assets in 2009.

The insurer operates in four key geographical regions – Belgium, the UK, Continental Europe and Asia - and the process of rebranding will now begin across those regions.

The use of the Fortis name will continue in the UK with the ‘Ageas’ brand being introduced in a gradual and controlled way. The whole process is expected to be complete by the first quarter of 2011.

Barry Smith, Chief Executive, Fortis UK said: “Shareholder support for the new brand name ‘Ageas’ marks an important milestone in our development as a successful and growing insurance group.

"In the UK, the new brand provides a fantastic platform to restate what we stand for – true partnership with our brokers, partners and clients, delivering high levels of service and product innovation for their customers at the lowest cost. We know that this is important to customers and as we move progressively to the new brand name we will continue to deliver in these areas.”