Bonjour. Je suis Stuart, et avec mon ami Chris, notre nouveau meilleur ami est Peter de AXA. La vie longue le courtier indépendant!

This was the surprise message Backchat received last week which really took the wind out of Insurance Times good English sails.

The sails that fought the Spanish Armada and took Nelson into battle at Trafalgar.

Jingoism aside, with the Groupama pinching Carole Nash (what a thought!) and even the professional Mancunian Alec Finch finally setting up his retirement fund with his WBN French friend Verlingue, Backchat would at least like to start a campaign to keep UK broking English-speaking.

As Alec Finch told Backchat: "I spoke to Eric Galbraith at Biba and said that this year's Biba conference should open to the tune of La Marseillaise."

Backchat promises to arrive at the XL Centre with the Tricolor draped over his shoulders and reeking of garlic to hopefully fit in to the new regime.

Allez the regions!