It may be a nice idea, but 80% of participants in the web poll did not think the FSA's proposal that insurers would accept responsibility for client funds would work.

Insurance trade bodies also took a battering, with over 70% voting that they did not have confidence in their association. This poll followed a Which? report claiming that trade bodies are abusing consumer trust. Biba was the exception, with many emailing to say that the trade body does a great job. Well done.

Finally, it seems the majority of the industry is in favour of using the fixed costs pin to pop the claims bubble. The poll registered 66% of voters as saying they favoured fixed costs as the solution to rising claims costs. This week's conditional fee arrangement ruling indicated that fixed costs could become widespread.

In our Opinions on the web section David Smart of the Insurance Services Office said the industry needed to do more to combat fraud.

He argued that the industry had to work together with the government and the public to educate people about the cost of fraud. He also said that insurers needed to devise effective anti-fraud programmes and technology.

Steve Davies of Abuja argued "customer delight", not customer service was the key issue for call centres.

"Call centre agents are at the forefront of delivering a level of service that must recognise and adapt to growing customer expectations," he said.

Davies said that India was a pre-eminent call centre location given "the Indian psyche and their attitude and aptitude towards customer service".