The FSA will hold a series of roadshows at the end of the year to explain to brokers the impact of its proposed regulations.

The roadshows, which will be held across the country, will give brokers the chance to meet FSA staff and ask questions about how the proposed regulations will affect their businesses.

A spokeswoman said that once the rules were in place and the process of applying for compliance had begun, the FSA would establish a contact centre.

Brokers could call in to get practical help on becoming compliant.

The recently released Mazars Insurance Brokers Industry Survey found that 48% of brokers think the transition from GISC regulation to FSA regulation will have a negative impact on their business.

But the survey revealed that brokers' attitudes to regulation differ depending on where they are based in the UK.

Midlands brokers are most concerned about the impact of moving from the GISC to the FSA, with 60% saying the shift will have a negative impact on their businesses, compared to 50% of brokers surveyed in the North and South.

London-based brokers are more positive. Only 43% thought it would negatively affect their business and 27% thought there would be no impact.