The non-subscription market has been warned to put its house in order on contract certainty by the FSA.

The FSA raised concerns that the figures it was presented with during its latest meeting with the non-subscription contract certainty working party were representative of only a small section of the market.

Furthermore, although the insurers' data shows 90% of commercial contracts issued are contract certain, brokers' data suggests only 63% of commercial contracts are issued within the 30 days specified by the code of conduct.

FSA chief executive John Tiner said: "We have some concerns about the quality of data, about the commit- ment by firms in some sectors to provide the necessary data to the market bodies, and about progress in a number of important areas."

The FSA also said that insurers need to work more closely with Biba to find alternative ways of demonstrating contract certainty by smaller and regional brokers.

Tiner warned: "It will be vital to ensure that progress does not falter with old habits creeping back in."