"We don't accept any of them. For brokers and IFAs, the FSCS is an illogical and punitive financial imposition."

The IIB wants a product levy imposed on providers, which would ultimately be paid by consumers, although he states the burden to them would be "infinitesimal".

In a letter to the FSA, Paddick said: "Unlike the providers who factor these costs into pricing, for brokers, levies come straight off their bottom line. Product-based levies do not have to be complicated and should be applied to produce an equitable way of supporting FSCS funding."

Brokers are likely to take a £500,000 hit, according to FSCS estimates - small change compared to IFAs who face a £47.5m bill.

Chris Cummings, director general of the Association of Independent Financial Advisers, said brokers - like his members - should prepare to meet some costs.