Continuing the debate on driving other cars and the "levy" suggestion voiced by David Sutton (Letters, 18 August), I have long felt that charging a third party liability levy on road fuel and making the handling and indemnification of such claims the sole responsibility of the Motor Insurers' Bureau would eliminate the spectre of uninsured drivers.

It does mean that inexperienced and other high risk drivers would pay the same as those with a more conservative approach at the wheel, but conversely it would automatically provide 'pay-per-use'.

One would suspect that certain sectors of the 'traveller' community do not bother with purchasing such accessories as a tax disc, and are likely to take the same approach to vehicle MOTs and insurance. So in addition to 'joy riders', another source of uninsured drivers would be eliminated.

That would then leave vehicle owners with the choice of whether or not to insure their own vehicles for loss or damage.

Mick Brown