GAB Robins has launched a new claims handling department – Robins Claim Solutions – to handle volume claims for self insureds, captives and other companies wishing to outsource claims.

The unit will handle claims from the desktop and act as a supplement to the existing unit for both complex and the run-of-the-mill claims.

Located in Birmingham, the new department will be managed by Margaret Clubley.

“Finance directors and risk managers, when dealing with the claims made against their organisations, have a number of very important and specific needs which require fulfilling,” she said.

“They want to know their money is being spent wisely and correctly, which means claims are negotiated effectively and settled promptly without compromising quality or professionalism.

“Robins Claims Solutions will be able to provide this service.”

Much of the thinking behind the unit has been centred on the Woolf reforms for the legal system.

Robins Claim Solutions is adopting a partnership approach with its clients to ensure the Woolf Reforms are fully complied with.

The management system includes an “energetic” diary system which is programmed with all the relevant dates and time limits permitted under Woolf to ensure compliance.

In addition, the software has been tailored to provide risk management information as to the cause and effect of incidents and can also mirror the complete client's structure.

On-line access to their system can also be given if required.

“We believe that more and more finance directors and risk managers are deciding to become self insured and establish captives and it follows they require claims handlers to act as an extension of their company as their own claims team, “ said Clubley

“With the experience and knowledge of claims at GAB Robins we believe we can provide a cost effective “cradle to grave” claims handling service without compromising quality or satisfaction.”