Team, including John McLaren-Stewart, to launch new corporate & financial risks division

Giles Insurance Brokers has added the entire team of BrightStar Risk Solutions, the broker founded by former Towergate boss John McLaren-Stewart in May last year.

The BrightStar team, including McLaren-Stewart, will join Giles with immediate effect and launch a new Giles corporate and financial risks division in London.

A spokesman for Giles said it had not acquired BrightStar, adding that the team are being transported in to the Giles business.

The team will be based out of Giles' new City office at Birchin Lane. It will continue to focus on winning new customers, with BrightStar’s sixty existing clients moving across to Giles.

Chief executive Chris Giles said: “We have been in talks with BrightStar for several months now, the corporate and financial risks team has a strong track record and has grown its business extremely fast over the last three months through a mixture of clever marketing, strong branding, an outstanding network of business connections and strategic selling ability.

“This team is a ready made solution to help us build our presence in the corporate arena and further develop our National Australia Bank connection. We are delighted to be able to hit the ground running with the BrightStar team.”

John McLaren-Stewart said ‘”We are delighted to be joining the Giles team and it is a great reflection on our business and team. There is no doubt that he and his team have big ambitions in the corporate business sector. This was too good an opportunity for us to miss. It opens up new markets and buying power to our existing clients. The new division also opens up markets for the rest of Giles business via BrightStar’s offshore markets.

“The company is already looking for additional business development staff. This division is going to be an exciting place to work and we are keen to attract the right type of people to help build its reputation in the City.”